The Facilities Committee is a volunteer committee made up of up to two representatives from each Member organization and up to two TMAC volunteers.

2018 Committee Members

Chair: TBD


  • Robby Duguay, AV Manager, Gamma Space

  • Greg Woodbury, Operations Manager, CSV

  • Genne Speers, deputy director, CFMDC

  • Henry Faber, president, TMAC; director, Gamma Space

Terms of Reference

  • The committee is comprised of 5-12 members

  • A chair should be designated at all times

  • Attendance at 75% of meetings is required to retain committee membership.

  • Members may be appointed to the committee by the chair or the board of directors

  • All committee members should:

    • Be trained in all relevant health and safety protocols, and familiar with building operations and hazards

    • Have appropriate competencies, aptitude or experience in facilities management and building operations

    • Demonstrate a commitment to building equity in media arts and recognize barriers to inclusion

    • Be familiar with TMAC's conflict resolution procedures

    • Be familiar with TMAC's artistic and charitable mandate


The chair of the committee will be the Facilities Manager, or any member appointed by the Board.

The chair is responsible for:

  • Scheduling the meetings

  • Setting the meeting agendas

  • Leading the meetings

  • Recording and posting minutes

  • Following up on action items

  • Bringing motions to the board for approval


  • The committee should meet at least 6 times per year, but may meet as frequently as needed.

  • Three members constitutes a quorum; chair or co-chair must be in attendance.

  • Minutes should be posted to the committee’s Basecamp project in a timely manner.

Major new projects should be brought to the board for approval at a meeting of the directors, or if timeliness is an issue, sooner via Basecamp.

Lines of Communication

To ensure transparency for current and future committee members, committee business must be communicated and documented (in the case of offline conversations/decisions) through a dedicated Basecamp project for the committee.

Additional Basecamp projects for committee projects (e.g., capital projects) may be created at the chair’s discretion. Non-committee members, outside coordinators, and contractors can be looped in to a subset of content.

The committee’s dedicated Slack channel should be used instead of email or Basecamp for roughing out ideas and general chatter about projects and scheduling.

Incident reports, maintenance requests should be routed through the facilities@tomediaarts.org shared email inbox.


  1. To manage, develop and maintain the premises and facilities known as TMAC, ensuring a high quality, safe and accessible venue for all users, including the general public.

  2. To implement the facilities aspects of the Operating Plan and to report progress to the Board.

  3. To manage a balanced facilities budget.

  4. To seek approval from the Finance Committee for all single item expenditure over $1,000.

  5. To provide clean, working facilities for all events at TMAC

  6. To deal promptly and effectively with all maintenance issues under TMAC's purview, and coordinate with 36 Lisgar condo maintenance staff where shared services are involved

  7. To ensure all safety requirements, including regular inspections and servicing, are carried out as required.

  8. To work with all external licensing and enforcement agencies to ensure all facilities conditions are met.

  9. To liaise with external contractors where necessary to ensure proper maintenance and capital development of the premises.

  10. To develop the skills of members in all aspects of facilities work and to encourage the involvement of new members.

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