We strive to create a space that is accommodating and easy to use for everyone.

If you require interpretation, supervised childcare, or have any other access needs or questions, please contact at least two weeks in advance. It is our practice to do everything we can to create a safe and accessible space.


Please share this information with your driver if they have not dropped off at our facility before:

  • Lisgar is a one-way street running north.

  • From Sudbury Street, drive to the front of the condo building to the west (your left).

  • The front of the building faces onto a park and is parallel to Queen Street West.

  • A TMAC / 32 Lisgar sign should be visible to the driver if they have pulled up to the right spot.

  • There is a curb cut in the sidewalk, and a ramp just north of the stairs.

  • Our entrance is the second door from Lisgar.

View photos of ramp access to our main entrance.

Building Access via Lisgar Park

Our main entrance is on the north side of the building, opening up onto Lisgar Park. The park is accessible from all sides via gently sloping ramp, but is mostly level with the sidewalk.

The park is mostly flat, obstacle-free concrete. However, snow/ice accumulation may affect this.


The main entrance to the building features three sets of doors. The far left doors will be unlocked during any scheduled event. The two sets on the right are not currently usable.

All of the doors open by pushing inward, not pulling. The outer door is not powered but the inner one is. If you require assistance with the door, please let us know ahead of time and we will meet you.

If you encounter any issues once you've arrived, please call or text (647) 689-6005 and someone will be happy to meet you.

Second and third floor

All events and offices are located on the second and third floors, accessible via an elevator just inside the entrance. Interior galleries and event spaces are barrier-free.


The ground floor washroom and toilet are wheelchair accessible.

There is a private accessible washroom on the second floor next to the all-gender washroom, and two accessible stalls in the shared washroom.

We use scent-free soap, and encourage all guests to attend our events scent-free.

Interpretive Assistance

If you require ASL interpretation or any other interpretive assistance, please contact us and we will do our very best to help.

We welcome and invite your feedback about how to make the space easier for you to use. Contact us in person, via phone or email with your suggestions or questions.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or complaints – we would truly love to hear them. Please contact us at